A Note from the Editors


Wow our third issue!

You know, THREE is a pretty amazing number, and there are some pretty amazing coincidences with the number three and this issue. For example, this is our third issue. Tom's name has three letters. And so, for our cover image for this issue, we selected the third Beatle in alphabetical order (by first and last name) riding on the third best method of city transportation! We also are featuring in this issue almost three pieces from three different media! 

Macca on a Skateboard is our first issue to feature audio content, which we are very excited about. From Nick Di Gaetano, we have a song, "Alley Bar," which will be featured on his upcoming album. From Tim Anderson of Ottawa, we have the pilot episode of his podcast The Daily Grind. It is very funny and we hope to hear more of it.

And we have some writing too. Toronto improviser and writer Anders Yates provides us with "Terrorists" and we are proud to feature "Haiku for the Couch," the poetry debut of famous Instagram dog Jetta. 

If you want to be a part of Vandercave, we are now open for submissions. Read our previous issues to get a sense of what we're looking for, and then send what you have to us. We really enjoy submissions.

See you in October!


Tom and Jordan



macca on a skateboard



Alley Bar 

By Nick Di Gaetano



The Daily grind

By Tim Anderson



By Anders Yates


haiku For the Couch

By Jetta the Dog